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Medical school, health care costs to rise at Wayne State

Marisa Schultz / The Detroit News
Detroit -- The first wave of college tuition and fee hikes began this week as Wayne State University bumped tuition for medical students more than 3 percent and passed a new fee for all students to expand health care.

Already above the national average for in-state tuition costs and second in the state behind Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine, tuition and fees for in-state medical students will increase from $28,450 this year to $29,472.

Nonresidents' rates will increase from $57,540 to $59,452.

Some members of the Wayne State board of governors expressed concern Wednesday over the cost and worried about students' debt load. Paul Massaron and Debbie Dingell voted against the hike.

The board unanimously passed a new $3.25 per credit hour fee for all students to fund an expansion of care at the Campus Health Center. The fee will entitle students to one visit per semester. Summertime is when boards of the 15 public universities set undergraduate tuition rates for the fall, based on how much money they project they'll receive from the state. But the funding picture is especially complex this year with federal stimulus dollars in play and the governor's call for a tuition freeze.

University funding should remain at least at 2009 levels through a combination of state appropriations and federal stimulus dollars, according to federal stimulus legislation. But, the state could apply to the federal government to waive this requirement based on its economy, according to the House Fiscal Agency.

Meanwhile, MSU and Western Michigan University on Friday will consider increases to standard room and board fees of 5.25 percent and 2.9 percent, respectively. Central Michigan University's board will vote on rates today.

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