About Us
Company Profile
ROCKEY TRADE CO. LTD. was formed in 2008, has been established by experienced professionals to 
provide services to our worldwide clients import from China. Most of the concerns of companies wishing to import from China have centred on a lack of detailed 
information about the importing company or their personnel. Trust and confidence is a vital 
factor in successful business negotiations and we are convinced that being clearly identifiable  
in corporate structure terms and personnel is paramount to building a secure business relationship.
Rockey Trade is a pioneer in the field of e-commerce in China with the mission of enabling  
clients to reduce cost and increase sales and profits with effective web-based solutions. We  
provide the most complete, accurate and up-to-date information on Chinese products and Chinese  
www.woxisen.cn is a world leading B2B2C2C portal, specializing in bridging the gap between 
global buyers and quality Chinese suppliers. We launched online trade platform to meet the 
continuous and explosive growth of Chinese export market and number of internet users.
Our Mission:
To facilitate global trade between worldwide buyers and Chinese suppliers;
To provide accurate and dependable information on Chinese products and suppliers to global 
To provides the sourcing and exportation to worldwide of products at the right price and quality
with minimum delay
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